Humans & the environment

Blick auf Stuttgart (Luftbild) (Bild:
Smog in Stuttgart (Bild: hec)

Air pollution control

Air pollutants such as fine dust PM10 and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) have a negative effect on our health, especially our airways, on a daily basis. Older people and children, as well as those with respiratory diseases, are particularly affected. Air pollutants are harmful to everyone.

Noise protection in road construction (Copyright: Ministry of Transport/AD Design)

Protection against noise

Noise is the greatest and at the same time most underestimated source of environmental pollution for humans. The ministry is thus working on numerous measures and projects to reduce noise.

Grünbrücke BAB A 7 in Nietheim (Bild: © Martin Stollberg)

Nature protection

In order to reconnect the habitats and territories of the animals and plants affected and to maintain, secure and strengthen biological diversity, the Ministry of Transport has initiated a number of measures.