Unscharf verwischter Bus hält an einer Bushaltestelle.

The Ministry of Transport is in charge of topics in the field of mobility. This includes preservation, scheduling and construction of streets and any other transport route and infrastructure, as well as the development of new and innovative concepts for a sustainable mobility. Important aspects in the field of sustainable mobility are the protection against traffic noise, the funding of foot and bicycle traffic and the inclusion of the citizens in the implementation of infrastructural projects.

The Ministry of Transport fulfils its functions in close cooperation with other ministries and governing authorities. These include the regional authorities in Baden-Württemberg in particular. The regional authorities are responsible for processing the building operations and remedial measures of main roads in accordance with the Ministry of Transport. Together with the Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (NVBW), a regional transport operator, the ministry takes care of the organization and the commercialization of the rail passenger transport.

The new umbrella brand bwegt is synonymous with the supply in the area of public transport in Baden-Württemberg. bwegt superseded the up until then very successful brand „3-Löwen-Takt“. bwegt – which means „to be moved“ – represents a new era in public transport.