Traffic Safety

Weiß orangenes Warndreieck mit einem Ausrufezeichen weißt auf einen Autounfall im Hintergrund hin.
Motorrad und Auto auf Landstraße (Bild: Fotolia/ Jürgen Fälchle)

Safety for motorcyclists

In 2014, the German Ministry of Transport, in cooperation with a Baden-Württemberg road equipment company, developed a new type of traffic sign, which is expected to increase safety for motorcyclists significantly.

Karte aus der Luft zeigt verschiedene Straßen in grün und rot

Traffic Safety Screening

The Traffic Safety Screening (TSS) is part of the road safety concept. The TSS is an online-based expert tool for internal use in administration. A tool such as the TSS is necessary to meet the requirements of the EU safety policy for road traffic infrastructure as well as the "Vision Zero" goal in Baden-Württemberg.